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The prospect of going through surgery to relieve chronic back pain is frightening. Some people put off going to a doctor because of their fear and anxiety over the procedure. But if you’re in the right hands, you can expect improvement in the quality of your life after spinal fusion surgery.

At Desert Spine and Scoliosis Center, we provide different surgical options for various types of spine damage that are minimally invasive and replace traditional spinal fusion surgery. Here are some of the things you can expect after undergoing surgery in our treatment center.

Faster and Easier Recovery

Our founder and medical director, Dr. Rafath Baig, is an experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon who uses advancements in technology, such as real-time X-ray imaging or fluoroscopy and nerve monitoring, when performing surgery.

These advanced medical instruments make smaller incisions possible. The surgeon can also access the damaged area without disturbing a lot of surrounding parts like back muscles and tissues, which result in less scarring and blood loss.

Unlike traditional spinal fusion surgery that has a recovery period of six months or more, our less invasive procedures allow patients to fully recover within a few months. Most of our patients were also able to go home a day after their operation.

Less Reliance on Pain Medications

One goal of Dr. Baig is to free his patients from dependency on drugs to manage pain. With the less invasive techniques and tools used during surgery, there are smaller incisions and fewer complications and risks of damage. Thus patients will be in less pain and can recover quickly.

Recovery and long-term results after surgery still depend on a patient’s efforts to follow lifestyle recommendations like for their diet and exercise as well as physical therapy. Other factors in the speed of patients’ healing include their medical status and the type of procedure done on them.

Our center isn’t only committed to helping patients become pain-free so they can get back their life but also educating them. We take a conservative approach to treating our patients and we want them to be more involved in their healing process.

Maximum and Long-Term Relief

Many of our patients who went through spinal fusion surgery were able to return to their daily activities and work a few weeks after their operation without discomfort and pain. They’ve regained energy, strength, and full mobility.

Another revolutionary feature in our procedures is the insertion of FDA-approved implants that keep the proper shape of the spine and height of the disc. When used to replace severe herniated discs in the neck, an implant preserves the natural motion of the neck.

However, surgery should only be done when it’s really necessary, such as decompressing pinched spinal nerves. There are many options for treating back pain, so it’s best to visit your spine doctor as soon as you can to know what’s the most suitable plan for you.

Why Going to Dr. Baig Is a Great Idea

Dr. Baig’s training as an orthopedic surgeon gives him the ability to encompass the spine with the rest of the musculoskeletal system. His experience and expertise allow him to transform the lives of patients with complex spine problems.

A consultation with Dr. Baig usually takes 45 minutes before he gives recommendations. He also believes that spine surgery should be the last resort and he won’t perform it unless he’s sure it’s the only way that can help relieve a patient’s excruciating back pain.

In addition, Dr. Baig just doesn’t look at X-rays and MRI but listens to his patients and treats them based on their symptoms. Rest assured that Dr. Baig will come up with the best treatment plan for you after your evaluation and the root cause of your issue is identified.

And Dr. Baig is honest to tell you if you need another specialist to take care of your pain problem. Should you want to get feedback on Dr. Baig’s process, bedside manner, and results of surgery, you can check out spinal fusion surgery patient reviews of him.

We’ve Got Your Back

If you haven’t gone to a doctor yet to find out what’s causing your back pain or you’re seeking a second opinion, book a consultation today with Dr. Baig. You can ask us questions, set an appointment, or request for a free MRI review with Dr. Baig.

Getting a second or more opinions is essential because spinal fusion surgery is a delicate procedure and it involves risks. You have to exhaust all possibilities first before settling on undergoing surgery.