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We wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to our patients who take the time to leave a review about their experience at our practice. Your kind words and feedback are greatly appreciated by our entire team, and your review helps other patients make an informed decision about where to turn to for care. Thanks again for sharing your experience with others. You are making a difference.

Dr Baig and his team are phenomenal. I had a compressed nerve due to a bulging disc and was able to be seen relatively quickly. Surgery was quick and flawless and I have no complaints at all. I truly appreciated how fast they worked to get me seen and out of all the pain I was in! Highly recommend them.

T.M. ~ Actual Patient

Dr Baig was going to be my second opinion for an upcoming scheduled spinal surgery. After my appointment, he will be my surgeon. He gave me a lot of information that was lacking from my other doctors. I felt very comfortable with Dr Baig and his entire office staff. Looking forward to living pain free after we strengthen my bones. It’s going to be a permanent fix and not a bandaid.

S.D. ~ Actual Patient

Dr. Baig is an outstanding orthopedic surgeon. He performed an ALIF with posterior fusion, L5-S1 on my back five weeks ago and did an amazing job. He is incredibly skilled, smart and has a good sense of humor. He tells it like it is and explains the procedure in layman’s terms. I highly recommend him.

N.H. ~ Actual Patient

Dr. Baig got me in last minute for shoulder pain that was coming from a herniated disc. C4-C5 to be exact. Disc replacement surgery was suggested and said to be urgent, and talking with him that first time I felt like I could trust him. He got me scheduled for about 2-3 weeks after our first visit and I had my surgery today (02-17-23). He met with me before I went to the OR and after while I was in recovery to check on me. He’s a straight shooter and gets right to the point every time. I don’t have a lot of experience with doctors. I go for my once a year and that’s that. I will always recommend Dr. Baig to anyone who feels like they are having back pain. Thank you Dr. Baig and to your whole team!

J.P. ~ Actual Patient

Dr. Rafath Baig performed a Lumbar fusion in 2018 and a Cervical Disectomy fusion October 2022 on me. He is professional. He is an excellent surgeon. I have the utmost trust and faith in his skills.

L.O. ~ Actual Patient

Dr Baig gave me back my ability to live an active life. When I went to see the doctor I was able to walk about 250 yards and then I would have to sit down because my leg was dead and numb. I have had back trouble for 30 years before seeing the doctor. Dr Baig lasered L 4-5 that was herinated. I also have a large herination at L5-S1. He told me that we would probably have to fuse that one, but to try lasering first. We finally fused it and it has been about 4 years now. I am grateful to report that I can golf anytime I want  without pain. I lift weights 5 days a week without pain. I hike in the mountians and last August I hiked over 95 miles in the White Mountians with my wife and dogs. I am so greatful to Dr Baig and his God given ability to help folks. I would highly recommend Dr Baig to anyone.

D.M. ~ Actual Patient

Since 2010 I have dealt with lower back problems. I had laser spine surgery and it lasted for 10 years. I began to have severe problems again. Returned to my laser spine surgeon but they could no longer help. I met with a few surgeons but wasn’t feeling good about what they felt would work. I met Dr Baig and he was straightforward, knowledgeable, comforting. It was going to be a serious surgery, but Dr Baig helped me understand how important it was to do. I’m laying in my hospital bed just about to go home and couldn’t be more grateful and confident about my future. I feel that I made a good decision and will forever be grateful to Dr Baig.

P.U. ~ Actual Patient

I had severe compression in my neck. Dr. Baig and his team fused my neck and cured my balance problem. I no longer feel like I’m going to fall whenever I walk.  He also cured the tingling in my toes.

I highly recommend him.

C.C. ~ Actual Patient

I’m very, very pleased with my experience not only with Dr. Baig but his whole team. I had been suffering from leg pain due to a herniated disk in my lower back for 5 years. After meeting with Dr. Baig, I decided to skip the spinal injections and go through with the surgery instead. And how very pleased I am that I did. Waking up after surgery my pain was gone! And the recovery was not as bad as I expected. It’s been 6 weeks and I feel like I did before I ever had back pain. I feel GREAT! I’m so very happy I decided to go with Dr. Baig. He is very good at what he does and explained everything to the T. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know suffering from back/neck pain. If you’re looking for someone that takes tremendous pride in his work he’s the doctor for you!

C.F. ~ Actual Patient

First of all I would like to start by saying what an awesome experience from beginning to end! I had a laminectomy and fusion. It all started with 5 months of wondering why my legs kept feeling like they were going to give out. Finally one day during a day of playing golf my legs were so fatigued I had to constantly keep having to sit down. Now on my 4 month recovery, and I honestly have to say that after back surgery the most frightening part was wondering how much pain I was going to be in and how long it would be before I got better. Well, just let me say I came out of surgery, spent two days in the hospital, did one day of therapy the next day after surgery, got sent home with my meds and instructions and have to say never had back pain. Did everything that was asked of me. Make sure you walk, walk and walk. Remember that after you’ve had this type of surgery, you might have some nerve pain in your thighs but it all gets better with time. I’m a 65-year-old female and thought I would have a hard time with my recovery, but today got the thumbs up to play again and can’t wait!! Keep moving and don’t lay around. Get up and walk!!!

S.T. ~ Actual Patient

Dr Baig literally changed my life for the better. I had a severely pinched nerve in my neck and needed to get surgery. Immediately at my first consult I felt comfortable and in good hands. I even walked away with a smile on my face during that scary time.

Surgery day couldn’t have gone better. The team he had also had a great bedside manner and helped keep me calm.

After the surgery and in the recovery room, he came in and checked on me and made sure I was all good before releasing me.

A.H. ~ Actual Patient

First off I can’t say enough about Dr. Baig and his staff. The professionalism, polite and courteous attitudes the whole staff has are top notch. I’ve been a very physical guy all my life between work and play and I’ve done some pretty good damage to my lower back over the years, unfortunately to the point of needing back surgery at the age of 48. For Dr. Baig and his staff to see how crucial it was to get me into surgery as quick as they did and go into action, from getting the required X-rays to having the MRI and into surgery was phenomenal and very much appreciated. I’m up walking around normal again with no leg pain let alone being able to walk again period. I’m very humbled and grateful to Dr. Baig. I highly recommend if you’re having any back issues whatsoever to go see Dr Baig to get you living life normal again. I can’t thank Dr Baig enough and I’m forever grateful to him for helping to get me back on my feet again.

D.F. ~ Actual Patient

Dr. Baig and staff are the best that I have ever experienced. I’ve had previous back surgery and was currently dealing with excruciating sciatic pain in my legs and backside. Dr. Baig was referred to me by medical associates who work with him at Banner Desert. My surgeries went without complications and the sciatic pain was gone from day 1. Literally a day after surgery the pain was gone and I was up and walking.  I am very greatful for his service and follow up with his staff. I would recommend Dr. Baig to anyone with back issues.

C.R. ~ Actual Patient

I was referred to Desert Spine and Scoliosis Center and Dr. Baig from urgent care with a severely herniated disc. I had severe nerve pain in my lower back that radiated down my leg and it was significantly impacting my daily life. Dr. Baig and his team were very helpful and informative. It took a few weeks to get in for an initial consult and then to get surgery scheduled, but the entire process was smooth and I felt well taken care of. They were quick with a diagnosis and treatment plan. They explained the surgery as well as recovery and potential future concerns in easily understandable terms. The entire staff made me feel at ease throughout the process. The surgery resulted in best case scenario, and my pain was immediately relieved. I am so happy with the results and follow-up. I would highly recommend Dr. Baig.

S.P. ~ Actual Patient

I was experiencing severe pain in my back and legs last summer and was diagnosed as having a bad disc in my lower lumbar and spinal stenosis by Dr. Baig. He was direct and “told it like it was” that surgery was my only option for any relief. I like that in a doctor. Direct and to the point. I had surgery Thanksgiving week by Dr. Baig. A disc replacement and a laminectomy. I woke up with absolutely no pain, just like he said I would. In 6 weeks, I had my first post op visit, and he was very direct again for the best way to heal and get back to normal. “Get off your rear and walk, walk and walk. He was absolutely right. I walked a lot a couple of times a day and ate a high protein diet and I feel great. I had my 4 month post-op visit 2 weeks ago with PA Jordan, who said my x-rays look great and I can get back to a normal life and do what I want to do. Jordan was extremely beneficial both pre and post op giving information and explaining different things. She is also very caring. I feel that I got my life back because of Dr. Baig. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get their life back.

B.F ~ Actual Patient

I came to Dr. Baig after repeat painful and debilitating arm/neck spasms and numbness in my left arm and hand over the course of a year.

Urgent care was useless and dismissive, until I went to the ER. They suggested I check with an orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Baig was a well-respected name that came up.

He immediately ordered an MRI, and we discovered a herniated disc was the culprit. Dr. Baig recommended a cervical disc replacement, to which I agreed. The surgery was quick and nearly painless. Recovery was annoying for a couple weeks, but that was expected and wouldn’t dissuade me at all from doing this procedure. My left index finger remains numb, which is a bit disappointing, as I was hoping the procedure would address that as well. But it’s likely another nerve interaction (possibly carpal tunnel syndrome) that has yet to be diagnosed.

T.R. ~ Actual Patient

Been with Dr B. for 4 years. He never wanted to operate unless it was absolutely needed. He is very personable and professional. His reputation is impeccable!

I had my surgery today finally after 4 years of conservative treatment because surgery wasn’t the option. Dr Baig will never cut you unless it’s absolutely for certain that the surgery will be the answer. I had a minor outpatient surgery. I literally walked out of there within 2 to 3 hours after the surgery. I’m home and out of pain and it’s a miracle. He’s the closest thing to God. I was in tears with joy and look forward to a quick recovery. I can walk again without a sharp pain from my lower back down my leg and to my feet.
He’s top notch and calm and confident as anyone if ever met !!!!!

S.F. ~ Actual Patient

I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Baig. Not only was he the only surgeon that I could find within driving distance that does disc replacements, but he took the time to get to know me and my situation. I am an active 39-year-old woman who competes in jiu-jitsu and was dealing with a severe case of degenerative disc disease. I was told by other spine doctors that a spinal fusion was the only option left for me. I did not like that answer and found out about disc replacement. Through that search I found Dr. Baig, and I am so glad I did. He did not just jump into a disc replacement–we worked through some non-invasive ideas first to make sure we knew exactly where my pain was coming from before he approved me for a disc replacement. He was always up front and honest. It’s been 7 weeks after my disc replacement surgery, and I feel great. I knew a spinal fusion was the back-up plan if something didn’t go right, but Dr. Baig didn’t give up and made my disc replacement happen. I can’t wait to fully recover and try out my new back!

J.C. ~ Actual Patient