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Some Spine Conditions we Treat & Orthopedic Surgical Procedures we Offer

Our Spine Surgeons regularly bring relief to patients suffering from a range of conditions of the Spine.

Monday, November 19, 2012 – DSSC strongly believes that educated patients are happier patients. With every recommendation we make regarding your spine condition, back or neck pain, we make every effort to inform you of all of your options, including those that we might not offer. Our primary objective is to get your relief from your pain.

Please use this section of our website to explore some of the common conditions that we treat. While this list is nowhere near complete, it should give you an idea as to the range of skills offered by our top Phoenix spine surgeon team.

While our spine surgeons make every effort to remain current with the latest and most effective spine surgical techniques, we also emphasize the highest standards in patient safety, including the use of modern technology toward this goal:

Cutting-edge technology to dramatically improve the safety of spine surgery.

The Hippocratic Oath calls upon all physicians to “Above All, do no Harm!” Each time that our spine surgeons enter the operating room, they utilize a cutting edge technology that embodies this principle.

Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring (also known as “IOM” or “Neuromonitoring”), is a relatively new, modern technology that is utilized in the many of the most up-to-date, medical centers in the world. American spine surgeons lead the world in its application in modern surgical practice. IOM involves the use of several, innovative, computer-based, technologies that drastically improve the safety of surgical procedures that involve the nervous system (spinal cord, nerves and brain.) IOM is used during spinal or cranial (brain) surgeries and just as a heart monitor (EKG) continually monitors your heart while you are under anesthesia so IOM will continually supply your surgeon with an array of useful information about the state of your nervous system. This ensures that your surgeon and his team are provided with constant, minute-by-minute updates on the well-being of your brain, spinal cord and nerves.

While IOM is used in many of the top medical centers across the United States and by a growing number of surgeons trained at these centers, not all surgeons elect to use this technology as part of their surgical method. By choosing to utilize Saxon IOM, DSSC unequivocally demonstrates our desire to remain up-to-date with current standards in surgical exc